UniCafe, HYY - responsible business

UniCafe is the student and staff restauraunt group with 20 restaurants in Metropolitan Helsinki. The students of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki are the owners of UniCafe.

UniCafe student restaurants, WELL and Restaurant Serpens –  superior restaurant services with responsibility and proficiency provided by almost 200 hospitality professionals.

We offer our staff an inspiring and interesting workplace. On top of the excellent staff the true stars in our kitchens are local raw materials, including organic and Fair Trade foods.

Business owned by students

UniCafe Oy is part of HYY Group, a group of companies owned by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. HYY Group business operations are comprised of real estate, investment, lodging, restaurants and publishing.

We wish to set an example in responsible business: it is possible to conduct high-quality and profitable business in socially, culturally, economically and environmentally responsible way.

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Versatile restaurant services – since 1953

In over 60 years of history UniCafe has claimed its place as the largest student restaurant group in the Metropolitan Helsinki.

UniCafe student restaurants exist in order to support the work of university and polytechnic students and the staff of these institutions by offering premium restaurant services.

We are, however, much more; the staff and events restaurants and coffee houses are everyday meeting places. We organize hundreds of business functions and parties each year.



The business leans heavily on responsibility and the values of the Group

We feel responsible business is true actions, not just empty phrases.

The basic mission for the company is to support the Student Union both economically and by offering services that increase the well-being of students. This is corporate responsibility at its best.

All the profits of the company are geared towards supporting the Student Union.

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We live to create experiences for our customers

Customer-centricity is in the nucleus of our business. We constantly develop the restaurant services in cooperation with the customers.

Customer satisfaction is part of our management system. We hope to receive feedback from our customers in order to improve services further. We conduct a customer satisfaction survey every year and commit to developing the operations based on the results.

How are we doing? Give feedback about our services, share your ideas of improvement and express any wishes you may have. We value your opinion.

We live and strive to create experiences for our customers in their everyday life and special occasions. We welcome you to visit us both online and on site!






Financial information

Annual reports and financial statement, published every year, will give you detailed financial information on the company and further information about our functions. Access financial information here.